Dmitrii Volkov, new co-owner of Anvil Works

Jun 07, 2018 - HEDGESVILLE, WV


– Dmitrii Volkov, a highly-renowned Russian metal arts designer, artist, and jeweler has joined Anvil Works®, incorporating his signature European influenced style of work with that of the award-winning blacksmith studio, whose work is seen across the United States. “Dmitrii introduces an exciting new international character to the studio’s offerings,” said Lee W. Badger, who, along with Steve Dykstra have co-owned the metal works business for 35 years.


Accolades for Volkov and his work began in 1998 when he was named the winner of the Fabergé Art Foundation Young Metalsmiths Award, a national jewelry contest honoring Karl Fabergé. In 2009 he won the top prize for sculpture in the Henkel Art Moment competition, the most prestigious award for art in Central Eastern Europe and Central Asia.


Some of his most recognizable commissions include an art metal feature for the façade of the Maly Drama Theatre in St. Petersburg; and the restoration of the main staircase in the Catherine Palace at Tsarskoye Selo in Pushkin. In 2013-14 he designed and built an innovative Russian Orthodox Church in Luga, Russia interpreting traditional architectural and liturgical features and fixtures in radical contemporary style.


Volkov’s metal public art sculptures are well known in St. Petersburg. They include: Afghan War Soldier’s Memorial, 2013, symbolizing shattered armor and shattered hearts; Power of Russia, 2011, created for the State Museum of Political History of Russia; and Love Seat-Moment of Love, 2015, a commission for the City of St. Petersburg that is the site of many a marriage proposal.


Volkov was first introduced to Anvil Works® in February 2016 after responding to an opportunity announcement for an artist residency, issued by Dykstra. “The only serious response we received was from Volkov in St. Petersburg, Russia,” said Dykstra. “We were amazed and delighted to learn about Dimitrii’s impressive international credentials and his desire to move to the United States.”


Volkov travelled to the U.S. for the one-month residency where he, Badger and Dykstra felt an immediate professional and artistic bond. “His work is heavily based in Russian and European trends and traditions and is emotionally engaging,” says Badger. “We knew our clients would embrace his work.”


In addition to his artistic abilities, Badger was impressed with Volkov’s structural knowledge and technical education, important because of the number of architectural projects Anvil Works® is assigned.  “His commissions include balconies, staircases, a glass canopy, a moon bridge for a water garden, and a variety of indoor and outdoor railings. Architectural projects like these go well beyond aesthetics and require substantial engineering knowledge.” Following the month-long residency, Badger and Dykstra invited Volkov to become a business partner.


“Our partnership represents an exciting cultural exchange,” Badger said, with a smile. “We have no doubt that our clients will be enamored with Dmitrii’s style and creativity,” he said.


Today, Volkov is fully involved in studio projects and acclimating to life in America. The Anvil Works® studio is located in Hedgesville, WV. For more information, call 304-754-3282 or visit:


Anvil Works provides inspiring design and fabrication services for architects and interior designers. Our studio’s past commissions include such architectural projects as linear and spiral staircases, balconies, foot and garden bridges, massive gates, canopies, and railings. We have extensive experience in larger scale historic restoration projects, as well as the design of contemporary custom furniture and sculpture. We value and celebrate our working relationships with allied design professionals, and enjoy collaborative projects.

In our 35th year, we welcome our new partnership with award-winning Russian metal artist Dmitrii Volkov, whose European inspired metal works, sculptures and jewelry have captured international attention.

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